I am feeling like such as slacker lately y'all, I know my posting hasn't been on par, but goodness, this job is akeepin me busy! I promise to get back onto a regular posting schedule soon. I'm got SO many great ideas for DIY's and fun things, and now I finally have the $$ to do them! (It's amazing how that works out :) Anyhoo, for the time being, here's another list of what's making me happy this week...

*This image from Rosea Posey really got me thinking about the misconceptions and judgements that we make of other women in the world. It really serves as a great reminder that we are not always what we seem. HelloGiggles sums it up really wonderfully.

*I love these History of Wooing Men and Women videos released by this music collective. It's shocking how dirty they've gotten! Where is the romance y'all?

*Seriously, Mean Girls is funny with everything. Even the saddest movie ever.

* I'm so obsessed with this commercial (even if I'm still not going to use Internet Explorer.)

*Are you following the Trek and the City twitter yet? You should be.

* 32 of Life's Most Underrated Activities are so great.

*Another from Thought Catalog, Honest Department Store Names. The target one is SPOT ON.

*As a lover of collections, I'm sooo envious of all of the pretty little collections at Kaylah's house!

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  1. I really love the skirt picture, gives a very important message x