Making Mail: The Movie

Every day I'm so grateful that this little blog allows me to connect with so many people whom I normally would not.  The internet can seem like such a lonely place, but I truly believe that our little community of bloggers and readers are some of the most fun wonderful people around. 

Following my previous Making Mail post I received so many comments and emails from people who loved Amber's project, people who know amber, and even a sweet note from Amber herself.  It's been amazing how many people she has touched through her mail, and how that has inspired all of us (myself included,) to rekindle the desire to make something tangible and beautiful to be sent out into the world. A few days ago, I was contacted by Michael, a friend of Ambers' who is currently making a film exploring the art of making mail and featuring (among other,) Amber! I'll let Michael tell you all a little bit about the film...

How awesome does that sound y'all? Recently, Michael and his film making partners launched a Kickstarter to help with the cost of the film making, and have had some really amazing results.  In their first 2 days, they succeeded in reaching their goal of $1000.  Wowzers.  This is where I come in.  I am a firm believer in crowd-sourcing as a means of funding "indie" projects that really speak to me like Amber's project has.  Micahel and friends still have until March 1st to secure as much funding as possible to make this movie awesomer, (yes I just said awesomeR.) So if you've been as inspired as I am by this project, I urge you to click on over to their Kickstarter page, check out the awesome incentives lined up, and consider donating and sharing the link with as many people as possible! I know that they'd appreciate it, and you'll be doing something to help out a truly awesome experience/movie/cause/awesomefest. 

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