* This underwater photoshoot is stunning.

* I must make this.

*I am obsessed with Celebrities reading their mean tweets on Kimmel.

*So true
*Oh. My. God. In. Love.

*It's so pretty...

*How well do you know Clueless? I love quizzes.

*Did anyone other than me read about the McAfee antivirus inventor and his crazy exploits in Belize? It's like a spy novel!

* This is like a how to guide for my life. I will BE on the Price is Right.

*I DO miss the Delia's catalog! (I was obsessed with their room stuff.)


  1. I love cross stitched with really modern sayings/lyrics :) x

  2. Oh man, I love the Delia*s thing! I went into one of their stores the other day and, aside from making me feel suuuper old, it made me really nostalgic for the catalog days.

  3. I bought the PDF for that cross stitch right after reading this post and finished it over the weekend. It now has a happy home on my kitchen wall. Thanks for the inspiration! :D