Making Mail

I received the most awesome thing in the mail yesterday.  A while back, I'd stumbled upon a tumblr by Amber Esner, simply entitled Making Mail.  Her project was simple, send her your address and she'd send you a handmade letter/card/lovely little piece.  I'd all but forgotten about signing up when I see this oddly shaped letter addressed to me in the mailbox! (Yes, I still get excited about receiving any mail.  ANY mail. I am a child.)  Inside was a little note & handmade items...and it totally MADE MY DAY.  I'd been having the worst day dealing with the loss of our oldest lab, Sugar this weekend, so the package was extra-specially-uplifting. Thank you Amber for bringing a little bit of sunshine into my day!

I can't wait to create something to send back, hey, maybe I'll have a new pen pal! (I love pen pals. I wish people still did it.)  If you'd like to receive a hand-written dose of wonderful-ness, check out Amber's blog & sign up! While you're there, check out her archives, she's made SO many lovely pieces of mail.  xoxo Fearsy


  1. This is so cool, going to sign up x

  2. Love this, and adore getting fun mail, too. A new blogging friend and I sent each other cute packages with mixed tapes recently and it totally made my day. I love pen pals. Let's bring that shit back in style.

  3. So cool! Such a cool idea from what must be a cool girl.
    I really want a penpal. I love to send letters!