What a wild and exciting week! I've been waiting to tell y'all until I signed all the paperwork, but now that it's official... I FINALLY got a job y'all! I will no longer be a Law & Order binging early retiree... I am officially employed. I can't tell you how relieved I am. As most of you know, I moved back to Missouri from Boston, MA following the completion of my Masters' degree, and have been spending the past 4 months looking for a job in my desired field. (I have a B.S. in Environmental Science and a Masters in City Planning.) After months of applying and interviewing with MANY jobs, (jobs that ended up not being the right fit, jobs that I was too qualified/not qualified enough, etc.) I was becoming incredibly discouraged with the entire process. (And becoming incredibly scared that I would have to go on squatting in my parents' house until I actually hit retirement age.) Lo and behond, a few weeks back I stumbled upon what honestly amounted to my dream position with a local environmental non-profit, applied and nearly bit my nails to nubbins while waiting to hear if I was right for the job. Fast forward to me on Monday afternoon receiving a call letting me know that the job was mine if I wanted it.... to which I think I replied "100% YES, when can I come in?!?!" (After I hung up I'm pretty sure I screamed so loud the neighbors heard me.) I can't tell y'all how excited I am to get to work; it was honestly the greatest Christmas present I could get. Obviously, that's TOTALLY what's been making me happy all week (and also why my posting has been so sporadic lately,) but here are a few more for y'all. (Mostly Christmas themed, because duh, I love Christmas and Santa is COMING SOON! Yay!)

* This website is FULL of great Christmas gifs...

* Did you know that Time Magazine had tumblr for all of the photos that they don't use in the magazine? It's pretty awesome.

*Haha yes

*OMG YES. I hate this.

* This is hilarious. (I still love you Santa.)

*I love the girl from My Drunk Kitchen so much.

*The 8 Worst People of the Holiday Season...

*Glamour has some thoughts on the Kardashians new Christmas card...

*Which Wes Anderson character are you? I'm Francis.

*This forgotten subway station in New York is beautiful...


  1. Still ecstatic over your NEW JOB!! I wish you were still in Boston with me so we could celebrate. CONGRATS again lady!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, I am Eli Cash from the Royal Tenenbaums. Not really, but according to that astonishingly accurate flowchart that is who I am. I kind of prefer the name Eli to Jamie, personally. That happens to be one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite characters, so that just totally made my day.

    Also I am totally on board with that tweet. I am a reasonably literate person and I am often thwarted by captchas and passwords. it makes me wonder how much more insane the internet would be if those tiny gateways didn't exist. Think of all the illiterate psychos and people with amnesia and dyslexia that just end up screaming at their monitors in frustration! Ah, it's the little things.

  3. Also it's totally ironic that I had to enter captchas to post these comments. You know, once I got a captcha that was in Hebrew. I can't remember what site it was, I think it was gmail when I forgot one of my addresses or passwords or something. I was like "really? SERIOUSLY???? I have a Master's in Religion and even I can't read that, a***hole!!!" I clicked refresh and then instantly was like "NOOOOO I need a screencap!!!" And then I hit refresh 59 times trying to get another Hebrew one and I didn't, of course. Not quite hieroglyphics, but I'm fairly certain it was some kind of Jewish gang tag.

    Is that offensive? Probably. Sorry. I need to write on my own blog sometimes instead of polluting other people's comment sections with my inane commentary on their posts. That's the problem when you write something witty on the internet; someone like me comes along and reads it and then won't shut the h*** up.

    All right I'm stopping. I like your blog. Following it now. :)