Weekend Snapshots

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by lately, the whole holiday season seems to go by quicker and quicker the older I get. Lately, my days have been spent finishing up my Christmas shopping, attending a few holiday parties, working away on the handmade gifts I (crazily) decided to make, and watching far too much ABC Family and Hallmark Christmas movies. It's been pretty hectic at times, but definitely fun. (I LOVE shopping for and wrapping gifts. I'm an anomaly I know.) I also had the chance to visit my favorite local theme park, Silver Dollar City in Branson with the fam. Their holiday lights and decorations are AMAZING, photos can't even really do it justice (though I did try.)  Anyhoo, here are just a few snapshots from my weekend, hope yours was fantastic!

(Disclaimer: I know that I post pictures of my pups all the time and there are some of you who are like, seriously girl, I don't care.  I would apologize for it more if A) they weren't so stinking cute (and hilarious to try and get a decent Christmas photo of,) and B) I wasn't so thankful for each and every one of them.  Our old dog Sugar, (the white lab,) had been very sick for a while and I was just heartbroken to think that we might lose her.  Seriously y'all, I was a hot mess.  Like sobbing at the vet's office hot mess.  She was our Christmas present when Jonah and I were just barely teenagers and is coming on her 16th birthday soon.  We've added a few pups in the meantime, (like my precious little nugget Monty,) but she definitely reigns supreme over the brood.  Thankfully, she's been getting much better after our trip to the vet and many antibiotics later, and I've found myself snapping SO many photos of their sweet faces. I promise to make it up to you with many more photos this week.  It'll be action packed, I promise!) xoxo Fearsy

*I love going around and seeing all of the beautiful Christmas trees and lights at SDC, this one looked like it belonged in a secret garden. *Our little helper Cami got all sorts of tangled. Then tuckered out. It was adorable. Also note: Dogs hate things on their heads. They get embarrassed. I love it. *Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.
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  1. Um, your pup photos are amazing, and if you stop posting I will not be happy. Also, I have decided to make home-made ornaments this year, and every night I am chugging away at that project, and somehow when you have to make a ton of them, it's not as fun. But they are pretty cute! :) And, I love getting home-made gifts, so hopefully friends and fam will, too.

    1. I love home ace gifts too! Your friends and family will love them too, I'm sure! I totally understand getting bogged down with the chore though, I thought that my eyes were gonna cross from sorting perler beads for Andrews gift. The finished product definitely made it worthwhile, but I will probably need a new prescription from squinting so much! Happy Christmas and good luck with the ornaments!

  2. I love when people post dog pictures. They probably make me happier than the oodles of baby and wedding pictures. Yours are so sweet! I can never get mine to be that cute for Christmas pictures.

  3. Never, ever apologise for posting pictures of your dogs. I love them!