Sponsorship Available!

Well, I explained a little bit about my new sponsorship option yesterday, but I wanted to give you all the full rundown today on partnering up with The Uniqueness of Being for the New Year! (Can you seriously believe that it's about to be 2013?!? Yikes!) I've loved getting to know some seriously awesome bloggers through sponsorship and I'm really looking forward to doing the same with all of you! If you're looking to promote your blog/business/badassery in general with an amazing group of readers then this is definitely for you!

Ad size options are as follows:
Generally ads will go up on the first of the month, however starting TODAY, if you sign up for an ad you'll be featured throughout the rest of December as well as the entire month of January. (I wish I could attribute this to my genius, but I'm pretty sure I just messed something up. Figures.) As another special treat, (because I love y'all dearly,) you can sponsor UoB through January 100% FREE with the promo code BIRTHDAY (because January is my birthday month + I will likely need all of y'all patience to work out any kinks that may arise.  Thanks in advance!)  Also, check out my Sponsor page to find out more information about reviews, product integration, collaboration, giveaways, or ad swaps.  I'm open to it all! (Feel free to e-mail me as well at Ashley dot Fears at gmail dot com.) 

I'm SO looking forward to learning more about y'all and your blogs/lives/instagram feeds/etc.  Happy sponsoring! xoxo Fearsy


  1. Would you allow etsy sites for your sponsorship program? I started one a few weeks ago and I'm trying to find ways of getting the word out.

    1. Absolutely!! If you click on over to my sponsor page you should be able to sign right up!