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As a continuation of my 'Best of' lists, I decided to share my top five books of 2012. One of my goals on my 26 in 27 list last year was to read 26 books, which I can totally check off the list! I definitely surpassed that number (I'm only somewhat ashamed to admit to y'all how many of them were Nora Roberts books...) I track my books via the Goodreads Reading Challenge widget, which has me at 28, currently reading two (A Feast for Crowes, which is so good, and No Reservations, which I can't seem to get into,) though again I think it's more than that considering that I finally was shamed out of counting Nora books towards my goal. I definitely had a few favorites...

A Storm of Swords-George R.R. Martin // I was late getting on the bandwagon for the a Game of Thrones, but after a lot of prodding from a coworker and my boyfriend, (and after watching the first two seasons on HBO and becoming completely engrossed,) I gave them a whirl. Holy Buckets y'all, these books are literally (and figuratively,) EPIC. I chose book three of the series because it's been my favorite thus far. I can't tell y'all how many times I've called or texted someone with a "WTF just happened?" message. They're so good. Jump on the bandwagon, you'll love it.

The Night Circus-Eric Morgenstern // This is a book that you're definitely either going to love or hate, be swept away by it's descriptive prose and imagery or eek through angry at the slower plot, but I have to say, I was IMMERSED in love for this book. The story of two dueling magicians in a competition beyond their control, the night circus is a place that you WISH was real so you could run away and be a part of it. I for one, adored it.

Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn // This book is a funny one, because while I couldn't put the book down (I finished it in two days,) my father simultaneously was trudging through it, eventually giving up entirely on it. I am choosing to believe that he has no taste (sorry bigs. :) Beings as this was definitely THE talked about book of the year I won't go into great detail regarding the plot except to say that I was completely on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was happening time and time again. If you love a mystery, this book is totally for you.

The Song of Achilles-Madeline Miller // The story of Achilles has become quite familiar through varying books, required readings of the Iliad in high school, and drool-worthy Brad Pitt in Troy, but has never been told from the perspective of he who loved him the most, in this case his best friend, (and presumed lover,) Patroclus. Miller's reimagined tale is simply brilliant, and likely one of the best stories of romance in pages this year. Georgously written,and heartbreaking beautiful, The Song of Achilles was a book that I completely fell in love with.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon- Sarah Addison Allen // I have been a fan of Allen's since the beginning; with her beautifully reminiscent depiction of small southern towns, hints of fairy tales and magic, and descriptions that you can all but taste, what's not to love? Allen's books aren't heavy reads, but refreshing, like a glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day, an instant pick me up. I can't stop recommending her books. Go. Read.

What are y'all reading and what was your favorite? I'd love new suggestions! xoxo Fearsy

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  1. I really want to read The Night Circus, heard so much about it. When I go back to school I'm going to check if they have it in the library, my local one is pretty crappy :/ Have a good new year x