*Love this. *I can't stop listening to this song, it makes me laugh. (NSFW lyrics friends!) *The fact that this man was not People's Sexiest Man Alive makes me lose faith in people. Love you Ryan. * This caravan sweater is preeeeetty amazing. *Great thing to remember. * This dog is having the best day ever... *Looking for a useless website? You'll find one here.

*32 Signs you're living in a Hipster apartment (It's frightening how many of these describe my home...)

*Have y'all heard of incredibox? It's a pretty sweet music creator,I am TOTALLY obsessed. Check it out!

* 15 Things to keep doing in your 20's

*OMG someone made Barbie and Ken's wedding album...it's kinda amazing. (And reminiscent of at least half of the weddings I've been to.)


  1. Great post, looking at the hipster apartment link now and having a good laugh x

  2. I loved everything! And I completely agree, Ryan Gosling was ROBBED of the Sexiest Man Alive title!