Salted Honey Whiskey Caramels

When I was a child, one of the ways that my family prepared for the holidays was a giant candy-making day, dipping pretzels in chocolate, whipping up divinity, topping homemade toffee with almonds... it was one of my favorite traditions (and made great gifts for our teachers!) It's been years since we've made candy, but as I begin to see more and more Christmas commercials on TV and decorations all around, I started thinking about candy making adult style. I am a caramel FIEND, and I love the idea of adding a little rum or whiskey to make something delicious even...deliciouser. (Yeah, I made that up.) I was pretty pleased with this first batch, especially considering I haven't candied in so long. (I may have had too many a few today...they're amazing! Guess what y'all will be getting in your stockings this year.... xoxo Fearsy

* Line a 9x9 square inch square pan or pyrex with waxed paper, allowing for the waxed paper to hang over the edges.

* In a saucepan heat butter, heavy whipping cream, vanilla, whiskey, and 1/4 tsp. of salt to boiling, stirring frequently. After the mixture reaches boil, set aside.

* In larger saucepan (I used 3 qt.) mix sugar, water, and corn syrup to boiling over medium high heat WITHOUT stirring. Boil until sugar has turned a golden brown colour.

*When sugar mixture is done, turn off heat and SLOWLY add cream mixture. Be very careful as the mixture will rapidly boil up. Cook over medium-low heat until mixture has reached 248 F (firm ball) on candy thermometer. (It took my mixture a little longer than normal to reach this heat, but it usually takes between 10-15 min.)

*Spray waxed paper and pan with cooking spray and pour caramel into pan. Let cool for 10 min, then sprinkle with additional sea salt.

*Cool completely. (I put mine in the fridge for a bit.) After caramel has fully cooled cut into squares (or rectangles, or circles... it's up to you!)

** These caramels will remain somewhat tacky, so I wrapped mine in individual pieces with waxed paper. ENJOY!


  1. These look delicious, I think my stepdad would shoot me if I used his whiskey though! x

  2. Oh man, they look so delicious!