Holiday Bow Tutorial

Christmas is a big holiday here in the Ozarks, and my family loves to go all out!  This was my first year back home in a few years, so it was especially fun for my mom and I to bring out all of the goodies.  (We may or may not have started decorating before Thanksgiving...I know, I know, but we were excited!)  My parents have recently renovated most of their house to look very rustic and outdoorsy, so we had a little bit of tweaking to do with the current decorations to match the new theme.  One of the easiest ways we've learned to change themes is to make the christmas wreaths and trees have interchangable bows, and with something like 18 wreaths and 3 trees...we have lots of practice making them.  The good thing is that these bows are SO easy to make and look like a million bucks. Here's how we made them....

You'll need:  
Ribbon (I prefer the ribbon with wiring in the edges so that it can easily hold any shape.)  We were making rather large bows, so we used about 3 yds per bow, but smaller ones would take much less. 
Floral Wire 
Any extra embellishments you wish to add, we used everything from vintage bells, raffia, pine cones, and  flowers.  The sky is the limit!

1. Pull out a few feet of ribbon to work with.  I don't cut a set size off the spool because every bow is a little different!

2-7.  Make a loop about six inches from the end of the ribbon.  Twist.  Repeat.  Seriously, that's basically it.  SO easy right?  I like to make a loop, twist, then make the next loop on the opposite side, working in a circle until you've got a full bow.  The wired ribbon makes this a snap because it secures itself as you go, if you're not using wired ribbon, you're going to want to use a lot more of the floral wire to secure each loop. 

8 & 9. Once you've made your bow to your preferred size, cut a piece of the floral wire (about a foot,) and run it through the front of the bow (so the ends are in back) twisting throughout the loops so that it's nice and secure.  Leave the long ends sticking out the back.  

10. Cut bow off of spool.  Cut a second piece of ribbon (about 3 ft.) and fold in half.  These are the "tails" of your ribbon. Wrap wire from bow around tail piece until secure.  The remaining wiring can be used to attach your bow to whatever object you wish!  Fluff bow as necessary.  Voila!

This year we worked with a lot of burlap and plaid and I love how they turned out!  I'd love to know what your holiday decorating involves, let me know in the comments!  xoxo Fearsy

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