*Four more years! (of watching the most adorable first couple EVER.) *Combination of so many things I love, Obama and Mean Girls... *This whole room makes me so happy...but i really want this crocheted quilt, it's so pretty! * This video of Darth Vader enjoying his new home... *Everything about this amazing illustration from Ricardo Martinez. *Kate Rowland has SO many cute Twin Peaks brooches, this one is one of my favorites... *This print is ahhhmazing. * Thought catalog always has great stuff, I can't NOT share some of my recent favorites... What Music Game of Thrones characters would listen to, Is everyone having kids?, 20 Something Wishlist


  1. I love all of it! Especially the Star Wars video (awesome!) and the Obama's... so thankful we won that!

  2. That illustration is ridiculous! And Twin Peaks brooches! I need to get onto getting one of those!