*This. *And this. *A farmer created this meadow in tribute to his late wife, the point of which points toward her birthplace. Swoon. *This song and video...beautiful. *This sweatshirt needs to get in my closet. I LOVE IT. * Dear future husband.  This is happening at our wedding. Obsessed.

P A R K E R + E R I N from Eric Hires on Vimeo.

* This photography project, where two photographers double exposed photos of people and places. * Have y'all heard Adele's "Skyfall" for the new James Bond? I love it. * Hello, Mr. Darcy is the PERFECT boyfriend. I love him. Love him. LOVE him. Here are some other of the 10 best (fictional) boyfriends.


  1. Totally agree with the boyfriend list, especially JGL and Aidan Shaw!

  2. That is the best wedding video i've ever seen! And I normally hate them!

  3. Just downloaded "Same Love". So good and the video is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!