Some of my fave fright fests...

Even since I was a kid, I have loved a good scare.  As a teenager I can remember having friends over for sleepovers, watching scary movies, playing "bloody mary" and generally scaring ourselves to death.  Nowadays instead of putting on a costume and heading out to collect goodies on Halloween night, I love to get together with a group of friends and watch some of my favorite scary movies. I can't wait to grab a bowl of popcorn and make a friend hold my hand while I scare the pee out of myself again this year!  Here are a few of my Halloween must-watches...

Family Friendly/Nostalgia Movies
Hocus Pocus- This movie really needs no explanation, it's my ultimate Halloween must-see every year. If you tell me that you didn't have a crush on Max I will call you a liar. Not to mention you learned important teenage vocabulary like tubular...and yabbos.  
Practical Magic- Such a great movie with AMAZING scenery and set. (That house was to die for!)  This made me want to move to the coast and create herbal remedies for hair growth...anywhere.  Bonus: Great soundtrack.
The Addams Family-  The Addams Family movies are just plan fun.  I loved Wednesday's sarcastic wit, Fester's crazy antics, and Cousin It's luscious locks...

Death Becomes Her- Even though this movie is a bit dated now, it never fails to still crack me up.  The incredibly physical comedy (which we don't always see with women,) is a perfect mix of stooges and the macabre. 
Drag Me To Hell-  When a movie can make me crack up and scream almost simultaneously I am totally in.  Also, I love Justin Long. He's such a cutie.
 Jennifer's Body- Love her or hate her, Diablo Cody has a way with teenage dialogue.  (Personally, I'm a fan.)  This movie is the perfect combination of gore, fright, and wit. 
Signs- M. Night Shyamalan movies tend to be pretty hit or miss with me, but Signs is a total winner in my book.  With a great cast, a truly suspensful script (when that hand comes of from under the door...I jump a foot every time!) it's already a great movie. Add in Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix's delivery of some of the lines... ("Aughhhh...I'm insane with anger") I die. 

Cult Classics
Halloween-  I love myself a good 80's scary movie and this is simply one of the best.  My favorite thing to do is to sit around with a group of friends with the movie on silent and allow the people to provide the dialogue.  It's so fun. 
Scream- The scream franchise can out at the perfect time when we all loved to have slumber parties in which we'd scare the crap out of each other.  I still love to see these flicks, but #1 (and all the sexy Skeet Ulrich) is the best by far. 
The Craft- Didn't we all try to do light as a feather stiff as a board after watching this movie?  Sixth grade me was totally into this flick and 27 year old me loves it still.

Truly Terrifying
The Strangers- In my opinion, the scariest scenarios in a scary movie are those in which there's never a real explanation to the madness behind the antagonist's actions.  They're just bad.  That is terrifying to me.  On top of the terror, this movie uses music beautifully (what other scary movie utilizes Johnny Cash AND Joanna Newsom?)  as well as the knowledge that sometimes silence is just as scary.  Love. This. Movie.
Paranormal Activities 3- Personally, I think this was an INGENIOUS franchise, utilizing the low budget to almost enhance it's creepiness.  While all of these films freaked me out, this one definitely had me sleeping with a light on. 
When A Stranger Calls- Maybe it's because I live out in the boondocks, maybe it's because I babysat throughout high school, probably a combination of both.  This movie terrified the 15 year old me.  The remake isn't bad, but do yourself a favor and watch the original. "Have you Checked the Children?"

What's your favorite scary movie? (Oh yeah, Scream reference.  Boom.)  xoxo Fearsy


  1. I love so many of these films especially Hocus Pocus, Death Becomes Her, Halloween and The Craft.
    I'm having a mega movie marathon all week and I posted a list of the films I'm watching here if you fancy checking it out.

    : ]

  2. Hocus Pocus and Monster House are our must watch movies in October, however, I have always loved Practical Magic and I might just need to get on that one this week too! As for our "scary" picks, we typically are pretty zombie focused around here!

  3. I've only seen three of these! I'm so bad at horrors but I want to get really into it this year x

  4. I've been on a scary movie binge during October. There are so many great suggestions on this list (and many I haven't see that I'll have to check out). I think my favourite that's not on your list is Shaun of the Dead.