October Birrchbox Review: Goop Style

I was initially a little cautious about this month's Birchbox as it was the first month (for me,) that we were given the option to choose between a regular Birchbox package or a sponsored package curated by the lifestyle blog goop. I was apprehensive about choosing the goop box mainly because I generally loathe Gweneth Paltrow in many things that she does (with the exception of Emma of course,) as well as being wholly opposed to the name goop. It's stupid. (I know, rant much Ashley? I'm over it now, promise.) That being said, if a new option is delivered, I'm all for trying something new, so I anxiously awaited what goop had in store for us, and for the most part, I was pretty pleased. The box contained the following; Caudalie Radiance Serum, DDF Brightening Cleanser, per-fekt Lip gel, Miracle Skin Transformer, a Luna Fiber bar, and assorted mighty leaf tea

I've often complained that Birchbox tends to add a LOT of facial products that can't necessarily be properly reviewed considering the sample size, so i was SUPER happy that the DDF cleanser is a full size product so I'm really getting to feel out how well it works, thus far I can say that it seems to be working ,especially considering this weather change has me breaking out like CRAZY. I am a bit obsessed with the Skin Transformer, seriously it's so silky and covers AMAZINGLY. Same goes for the lip perfection gel the color was PER-FEKT for me and really nourishing. I can only be upset about the fact that I don't have more! The radiance serum was really nice, however for $79 a bottle, I'm thinking I can't roll with that. My only complaint is the "lifestyle extras" that were included in the box....BIRCHBOX,STOP SENDING ME FOOD. I don't really care for Luna Bars (especially because they tend to have cinnamon in them and I don't feel like going into anaflactic shock,) and while I love tea, I really was hoping for more beauty products and less edibles... maybe I can put them on my eyelids too? (Oh goody, and I just looked, one of my packs have cinnamon... Birchbox, you're killing me. Literally.) 

I'm dying to see what was included in the regular Birchbox this month, what did y'all get? Were you happy? Don't forget that you can sign up for your own box here, at $10 a month it's a lovely little surprise every month! xoxo Fearsy

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