Happy Halloween Y'all!

If there's one thing I love the most about Halloween, it's seeing all of the amazingly creative costumes that people come up with every year.  For me, I couldn't pass up going as my favorite yellow bird, and of course to poke a little fun in the meantime towards Governor Romney's comments regarding de-funding PBS.  (I think it's pretty clear I object to that notion... I have to have Downton Abbey in my life!)  I thought that for the holiday, I would share a little outfit post for you all, Halloween-style.  I was joined by my little bro, Jonah who went as a 70's coach, and one of my besties, Lucy who dressed up as Fivel Goes West.  Aren't they great?  (And all homemade! I was gluing feathers for DAYS!)  Today, I'm planning on taking my mom's 2nd grade class a little Halloween treat and watching some scary movies while waiting on the trick-or-treaters.  I'm so excited!  What was your Halloween costume? Please link to the pictures in the comments!  xoxo Fearsy


  1. I love your costume!!! My work didn't allow me to wear a costume, but I will be watching scary movies tonight as I pass out candy too!!

  2. That is a way-cute costume. I dressed up as Corpse Bride this year. It was loads of fun, but I'm still washing blue paint out of my hair.

    1. What a cute costume idea, I love the Corpse Bride! I had a friend who dressed up as a smurf and I thought that she would never get all that blue off...good luck!

  3. Oh my god I love your costume! So cute and hilarious! I love all the feathers!