Black and white and awkward all over

Goodness gracious guys, this took forever. Let me take you on a little trip back to January when I made the goal of doing outfit posts on this blog on my 26 in 27 list? Well little did I know that I am possibly the most awkward human being alive on camera. I bought the camera, I put together the adorable outfits and I totally chickened out basically every time I made plans to take photos. It seemed so overwhelming to go outside my apartment in Boston where people are always waling by and JUDGING me (okay, so they probably weren't judging, but I was terrified they would.) Well now that I'm back in Missouri with so much open space to use, I couldn't really find any other excuse NOT to meet my goal, so I dressed up, set up my tripod, and set out to not look totally ridiculous on camera.  

// dress: Modcloth // belt & cardigan: Target // flats: Wet Seal //

 I'm not going to lie, I was totally awkward for approximately 75% of the photos, including some winners in which I thought I saw a snake and started running, fell down from trying to do a twirling picture, and was attacked by licking dogs, all caught on camera..oops! I'm definitely going to have to practice poses, actually looking at the camera, and work on not cutting off my feet, but I ended up having a lot of fun in the process. Taking these photos made me think about my photography in a different way and appreciate all of the little nooks and crannies at home. I ended up pretty happy with a couple of the photos out of what seemed like a million! I'd love to hear about your first experiences with outfit photos, did you totally freak out like me? Any tips? Thanks for sharing my awkwardness y'all! xoxo Fearsy


  1. You look great! The picture where you are sitting is stunning! (And I understand the awkward... if people are around, I just turn weird in front of a camera)

  2. Love these! I'm definitely NOT brave enough to do outfit posts... and a mother of 2... Who wants to see Yoga pants and socks with holes in them?! Love you ma'am... and now that you're back we need to do dinner!!!

  3. So charming. I also have yet to delve into the world of outfit posts that move past just taking pictures with my iPhone in the mirror. Way to have the balls to put yourself out there!