A chill is in the air...

There are little signs all around of the upcoming cooler weather, frosty mornings, absolutely beautiful leaves falling from the trees, and frosty mornings... it makes me so excited!  I actually bought this poncho last year but haven't had a whole lot of ideas on how to wear it until now.  Either belted, loose, or around your neck as superman (don't be scared, I did that too,) you just can't go wrong with tartan and wool in cooler weather.  I took these photos on a whim because the weather was SO perfect that I needed any excuse at all to be outside and though it's not my normal style, I love the pretty washed out look that they took on and the little light leaks from shooting into the sun.  Enjoy y'all! xoxo Fearsy

Hat: Forever 21 // Bandage Dress (under skirt): Urban Outfitters // Maxi Skirt: Target // Poncho: Urban Outfitters // Moccasins: Minnetonka // Purse: Thrifted


  1. I love nothing more than those awkward outtakes. Never take them away from me.

    And obviously you look adorable.

  2. so totaly cute! i love love love that poncho!

    1. Thank you Kaelah! I have such a thing with ponchos and plaid, every time I see one I want it...it's a problem :)