What's Making Me Happy

Hey there kids, how was your week?  Sorry about the slight radio silence, I was taking something of a mental health break while I'm in the midst of my never-ending job search.  It's exhausting!   I've definitely needed these little things that are making me happy. 

* Trying to remember this lately.  

*  This made me smile.  

* I love Downton Abbey SOOOO much.

*I have been obsessively watching last season of Parks and Rec now that it's on Netflix...

* These 25 ways to stay creative are on point.

* I just discovered the nicest place on the internet.

*  I am all sorts of interested in soap-making lately, I really want to try it!  This recipe looks like it would be popular with both men and women. 

* I'm pretty excited to try some of these high end make-up dupes, (especially the NARS blush.) 

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