What's Making Me Happy

*This beginning to happen outside...

*This website takes celebrities and photoshops them into old mugshots...
*This pretty image from Kelli Murray.  
*Awkward merit badges... I deserve all of these.
 *Two things I love... Michael Fassbender and funny classic literature references.
*OMG this is my life.... #myfriendsaremarried

*Sublime Stitching has some super cute new embroidery patterns available... I love this little fox.

*I am mildly obsessed with the show Fast N' Loud about two guys who restore vintage rides.  (And it doesn't hurt that Aaron is basically my dream man....sorry Andrew.... oh that beard.) 

* I love the idea of getting pretty mail from people.


  1. this is great! I always love these posts. The maling mail tumblr is awesome :)

  2. OOh I love this post!
    And yeah, I could definitely be awarded pretty much every one of those awkward merit badges.
    And I love that making mail tumblr. I have always wanted a pen pal to be able to send and get packages like that!!!
    XO Samantha