What's Making Me Happy

* Did you know that Beyonce had a photo blog?  I'm sorta obsessed with it.  Her photos are so beautiful and it looks like she and her gal pals have the BEST time.  Beyonce, if you're reading this, lets be best friends.

* One of the reasons I love fall so much is the cozy sweaters and sweatshirts from Sexy Sweaters and I promise you, you'll be finding me in these all season.  Aughhhh, get on my body!

 * Step Brothers is probably my favorite Will Farrell movie of all time and my brother and my unofficial brother/sister movie.  If you have any sense at all you'll agree with us. (Did we just become best friends?!? Yup.)  Buzzfeed did a roundup of all of the amazing fan art the film has inspired. These are two of my favorite.

* This response from Modern Family to Ann Romney's admission that Modern Family is her favorite show.

 *You know I love things arranged neatly, so these clothing collages by Candice Milon are pretty great.  Can you guess what movie they're from?

* The gifs from the 40licks tumblr are always awesome.  This one from Moonrise Kingdom is especially awesome.

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