September Birchbox Review

It's the end of the month so y'all know what that trying to cram in all of the posts I've forgotten about for the past few weeks!  I've had my pictures of this month's Birchbox on my computer for weeks now and finally figured I'd share what I got with y'all.  I've been a bit back and forth about my past few boxes and though I'm a little on the fence about this one, it's definitely a step up from August.  Here's what we've got...
 Cynthia Rowley designer Band-Aids:  I kinda had the same reaction about the band-aids that I did with last month's razor...they're really cool...but band-aids?  I'm not sure if it's the most adequate usage of a subscription box, but I totally admit that these are super cool band-aids.  Next time I get a paper cut, I'll be stylin. 
Twistband hair tie: I've been wanting to try one of these hair bands for a while since I've been seeing them popping up all over beauty blogs and magazines.  I'm not much of a straight ponytail girl, mostly I pile it all up on top of my head... so the band didn't really serve the purpose of not creasing your hair for me.  Also, it's just barely enough to hold all of my hair in.  For a regular pony however, I'm totally in with the twistband.  (Also it looks like a little bow on top!)
 Kate Spade twirl perfume:  I love kate spade products!  I'm becoming more and more fond of the Birchbox perfume samples because they are almost always something that I wouldn't normally seek out and they last a good amout of time.  This was another winner with me, but more for a nighttime scent, it's a little bold for the day.  Keep this up BB!
 Benefit So Radiant Facial Soap and Polish:  I am totally mixed on this product, simply because one single sample isn't generally enough for me to decide if a face wash is going to work for my skin type.  That being said these face products smell really the best thing I've ever put on my face... and they made my skin feel silky.  I would definitely try this one out again. 
 Dr. Jart's Water Infused Beauty Balm:  I've been seeing BB creams EVERYWHERE so I was super excited to try out the crazy.  I wasn't a huge fan of the coverage, it didn't seem to spread very well, but it did stay put for the entire day while feeling pretty lightweight considering the amount I had to put on to cover my skin.  I think it would be perfect for light summer wear. 
 Color Club nail polish:  I'm loving these little nail polishes!  This was a great color for fall, kinda navy and grey mixed together and it does a pretty good job of covering in one coat, which is a huge plus for me.  Love it. 
This month's box also included a Madewell coupon and a fall look book, which I'm totally loving.  Finally instructions on how to use all of these products (and many of the others offered for the month as well.)  I can't wait to use my Madewell coupon, there are so many cute things online right now!!  What did y'all get in your boxes? If you're interested in signing up yourself, click here to get on the waitlist! xoxo Fearsy

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