Monthly Mixtape

Lately I have found myself going out of my way to driving down the back roads and take the long way home with the windows down and seeing signs of fall everywhere.  I'm loving the smell of wood burning stoves and that almost crisp scent in the air of earth and leaves that just signifies autumns arrival.   For me, nothing makes the experience any better than the air rushing through the jeep and new tunes playing on the radio, so I figured I'd share some of my favorite music that I can't seem to stop playing this fall. 

(I decided to try out a not so new to me, but new to the blog platform; 8 Tracks.  At 8 Tracks you can search by style, mood, color, really anything that comes to mind!  It's been my go-to place to find new music for years now, but I'd never made my own playlist... so far I really like it.  Y'all can check it out here, let me know if you like it!)  Enjoy! xoxo Fearsy

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