What's Making Me Happy

 It's that time of week again....

*This is SO true. So much more to read!

* I am obsessed with Rebekka's blog and am smitten with her movie from her trip to New Orleans.  LOVE that city.

*So I'm having a real bug moment.  I think i need this dress...

*This is a great quote and such a pretty poster!

*These retro social media posters.

*this is the funniest thing i've seen all day...

*This is SUCH a pretty floor treatment!

* This girl's boyfriend application is GREAT.  (AB, please fill out and return immediately.)
* These floor plans of your favorite TV show apartments are pretty cool.  Where do I find a place in NYC with Carrie's closet???

*These designers are creating awesome "lost worlds fair" posters.  I love the Atlantis one.

*This article on choosing to "dress your age" or not is something I've been thinking about lately...

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