What's Making Me Happy

 Hey there friends and neighbors!  As always, I can't even believe that Friday is already here, I've been so busy getting settled, seeing old friends and applying for jobs that the week just FLEW by.  One of the things that has got me especially excited is the access to so many wonderful flea markets and antique stores, I have been going hog wild thrifting!  (Can't wait to show you my new finds!)  In the meantime, here are just a few things making me happy this week...
*Meredith just finished the cutest crewel sampler and now I'm thinking I have to buy it too... it's so pretty!
*This blogger takes still photos from movies then finds where the photos were taken...pretty cool.
*This is so freaking cool!

*I just plain love this quote from Zooey (even if I'm not a dessert person.)
*These nails might not be the most practical, but boy are they cool!
* If you are ever trying to figure out what to buy me...THIS IS IT.


*This list from NPR of the 100 greatest young adult novels is full of some of my favorites (and some I can't wait to read!

*These 15 helpful thoughts for people in their twenties are pretty spot on. 

*I am always fascinated by abandoned buildings and towns, so naturally I find these images of abandoned Olympics venues FASCINATING.

*All of these ways to improve food sound awesome!  (I'm especially intrigued by the whole grilled pb&j...)

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  1. I love Zooey Deschanel, everything she says is so right. Great post!

    kendall, the lemonade stand