What's Making Me Happy

Hey y'all long time no see!  As most of you know I've been driving from Boston to Missouri for my big move and I'm finally back!  I ended up driving through 8 states in 3 days with only Monty as my road mate, a couple of books on tape and a lot of very loud road singing.  It hasn't all sunk in quite yet that I'm home, but I'm eager to get things going back here!  Here are a couple of things that made me happy this week, (and I'll be sure to have some very fun stuff in store for y'all next week!)  Enjoy!

*The genius Olympics themed ads for the new animated film ParaNorman.  They're hilarious.
*This baby has a pretty sweet nursery...

*Love this video of Massachusetts native Aly Raisman's parents watching her bar routine.

*Tavi Gevinson is basically the coolest teenager ever.  This TED talk she gave pretty much proves it.  She's so inspiring!

*Shark Week starts in 2 days!!

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