Tattoosday: Shark Week

It's that time again friends...shark week is here!  Why do you love something that could eat you, you may ask?  Let me tell you.  1.  Sharks are basically the gangsters of the sea.  2.  Sharks are almost like modern dinosaurs (minus the whole cold blooded thing) and you know I love me some dinos.  3.  Basically the greatest scary movie is all about them. (Yup, Jaws is the best.) It revolutionized special effects in movies at that time and has basically the greatest scary movie score ever.  (Ba dum. Ba dum.)  4. Sharks are massive creatures that are always grumpy looking, (so basically my ideal man without a beard.)  

Are you convinced yet?  I love sharks, so naturally I had to share some new and awesome shark tattoos I've been finding.  Enjoy!  xoxo Fearsy

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