Newport Folk Recap (photo HEAVY)

I am sad to say that this year's Newport Folk Festival is now a thing of the past because let me tell y'all, it was probably the best time EVER!  Though I'm a little soggier (it rained at the end of both days and ALL of the night,) a little sorer (as a result, our tent filled up with water and we slept both nights in Krissy's car,) and a little bit sunburned; I couldn't have had a better way to ring out the end of my time here in Boston.  I can guarantee that from now on I'll be planning a trip back for years to come!

What makes Newport special is the care that organizers of the now 50 year old tradition take with setting the perfect tone, from the relatively small crowd (in festival terms) of around 10,000 to the specific artists that all seem to effortlessly compliment each other.  It was not at all uncommon for individual shows to have multiple sit ins from other artists and bands, being perfectly summed up by Head and the Heart lead Josiah Johnson as "a summer camp for musicians."  All in all I saw somewhere around 16 of my favorite artists which, knowing me as you all do, lead to a lost voice so many happy tears, some new favorites,  and some epic dance moves (I'm looking at you Charles Bradley.)  I even met my absolute NPR crush, Mr. Stephen Thompson (of NPR Music and Pop Culture Happy Hour,) to whom I completely geeked out on in my love for the show... I'm essentially a teenage girl with NPR personalities apparently. 

I wanted to share a little glimpse of the festival with y'all below and you can also check my facebook and Instagram for more hilarity (including both Lauren getting stung in the nose by a bee and me getting my hair fully caught in the tent zipper... damn our luck.)  Hope you enjoy!  xoxo Fearsy

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  1. I didn't even know Nickel Creek were still together. Why does the one guy look like Christopher Lloyd escaped from a mental hospital?