For the love of....bees

 I've been on a bit of an insect kick lately, and I couldn't NOT do a post on my favorite little guy of all, the honeybee.  I'm pretty sure this love started sometime during the casting of my kindergarten play "Going Buggy" when I spotted the bumblebee costumes.  (Sequins and vertical stripes will get me every time.) My pops has been beekeeping for the past couple of years (these are his hives in the photos above,) and I've been visiting them on a pretty regular basis. There's NOTHING like local honey!  

In honor of my favorite little bug, check out a few of my favorite bee-related things!

*Rebekah of Dear, Friend has been posting some beautiful photos of her home (I want to move in Rebekah!) and this stamped wall might be my favorite element.
The English Stamp Co.
* This dress from Asos is so cute!  I'm pretty sure my closet need it.

*I think this may be the greatest idea for a bee tattoo ever.
*This song from Zee Avi always makes me happy.
Honey Bee by Zee Avi on Grooveshark

These bee prints deserve a place on my wall.
The Black Apple
The Paper Ship
* I am digging the hive pattern on this quilt.  

*Oh that Elsie, always doing the cutest stuff like this honey themed baby shower. 

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