What's Making Me Happy

*This pretty print.


 *This hot rod trike.

 *This little flashback to one of my favorite new actors, Rebel Wilson. (Btw totally naming my child rebel.  Such an awesome name!)  I'm totally obsessed with her and her upcoming movies Pitch Perfect and Bachelorette!
 *This tumblr that collects the awesome live tweets from Retta on Parks and Rec and pairs them with screengrabs.  I've been dying laughing.
*I am in love with Amy Pohler all the time, but especially because of this video series...

*This list of everyday things we're all guilty of.  I do ALL of these.

*This post of the 19 Best Moments of Being Young.

* This is basically the greatest book review I've ever read. I'm apologizing in advance to all of my friends and readers who loved 50 Shades...but I'm judging you just a tiny bit.  Just a tiny bit!!

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