NYC Adventures... (& don't step on those hypodermic needles) photo heavy

Many of you know that I have a "gentleman caller" (which is now what I will forever call him...makes me feel all Jane Austen-y,) who lives in the bustling metropolis of New York City.  Over the past year-ish that we've been dating we've bounced back and forth every month or so between Boston and NYC, and I was so excited to get to take a little impromptu trip to see Mr. B this past weekend.  Knowing that this might be my last trip to the city for an extended amount of time, (more on that at a later date...promises) I wanted to take the opportunity for us to visit some of the places that were a bit out of our routine, so on Saturday we decided to head over to the famous Katz's Deli for some AMAZING Pastrami sandwiches and then jump on the train for a trip to Coney Island.  We ended up having a wonderful day on the beach, (hypodermic needle free thank goodness,) boardwalk, and with a little stop at the NYC Aquarium (b/c y'all know we can't resist a good aquarium!) I loved experiencing the nostalgia of old New York and the carnival atmosphere (complete with a corn dog from the original Nathan's... you know how happy I was.)  The day was a bit overcast and it really made the area look so vintagey and washed out... I couldn't get enough of it.  The only thing that could make it better would be to see it at night with all of that glowing neon.)  Check it out below...
Andrew approves this sandwich.
I am obsessed with old you can tell from basically all of the following photos
I wanted to ride Spook-A-Rama SO bad!
Literally the only photo I took of the two of us...separately.  (This is Andrew trying to look as cool as me in my sunglasses and me eating a delicious corndog.) 
 In addition to our Brooklyn adventures my incredibly patient gentleman caller tackled a couple of the craft stores that I have been wanting to visit, with #1 being Purl Soho. (Don't you just die for that name? I wish I had thought of it.)  Let me tell you this place was AMAZING.  I have never seen so many walls of beautiful yarns, fabric, embroidery pieces, and things I can't wait to make. I was in crafter HEAVEN!  All in all I had the best time and was so sad to leave Mr. B and the city to come back to Boston. I already can't wait to come back! 
This was basically me dying.  DYING for yarn.
So I was trying to not be a total creep while taking the photo over a woman's shoulder...which resulted in a blurry photo where I totally looked like a creep :)
A Banksy original mere blocks from Andrew's apartment... I was so excited.


  1. Look at how cute and blonde you are! Love it and love that you had such a wonderful trip!!

  2. Mmm the pictures are lovely! And the buttons...oh god the buttons. And the yarn. Swoon.

    Of COURSE you ate a corndog.

    Glad we're both home :)

  3. So jealous of your trip to Purl Soho. Maybe some day I'll get my butt up there!

    the lemonade stand