July Birchbox Review

Hey y'all, it's that time again, another Birchbox has arrived!  I was pretty excited about this one being as Glamour magazine partnered with it and I've been a huge fan of theirs since I was a teenager.  I've been a bit back and forth about the boxes that I've received in the past and though there were a few not so great pieces, all in all I have been pretty pleased!  Here's what I got this month:
The first thing in my box was the birchbox exclusive, a set of ear buds designed by Birchbox and Glamour.  I was totally excited about these because I've been really needing a new pair, but I was a bit underwhelmed.  They definitely fit in your ears well, but the sound is pretty terrible, very tinny and soft.  Bright side, I've definitely got a back-up pair now!  (Also, I checked out the Spotify playlist that Glamour created for July, they're pretty great!  You can check them out here.)
 Bananas Foster? I was totally pumped to eat this little guy... then I checked the ingredients. Cinnamon.  (I'm totally allergic to cinnamon.  BOO.)  So I gave it to Kaston... I think he liked it? 
 I was totally psyched to see this Stila lip gloss in the box as I'm on my never ending search for a lipgloss/stick that gives my a tiny bit of color.  This was great!  It's a perfect bit of color and shine that stays on forEVER.  The only downside is it's a little sticky, but I can totally deal with that :)
 I am LOVING this perfume.  I generally like a perfume that's clean and light and this totally fits the bill.  I like it so much I may have to buy the big bottle! 
I totally love hair masks so I was immediately stoked for this one, and it's a pretty decent sized sample.  I tend to like to use hair masks for a while to see how they work in the long run but so far it's pretty great.  My hair was so smooth and silky today!  I'll keep y'all updated.
This month Birchbox also included a card with the "highlights from the July issue" with different tips and tricks.  I haven't tried any yet but it's a great idea, I'm excited to see what they're like! 

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