Crazy about Crewel

Lately I've been daydreaming of creating pretty vintage inspired pieces for my next home, (wherever that may be :) and one thing that I've been constantly drawn to is the pretty crewel artwork adorning the walls of some of my favorite bloggers and craft-mavens.  I've been a embroidery hobby-ist for a while now and figured that crewel would be an easy step to take towards my inevitable domination of all things crafty.  These were just a few of the pieces that have been making my fingers itchy for needle and thread...
1// Amy Morby's beautiful thrifted crewel // 2 // New Crewel Book available at Purl Soho (and Amazon!) // 3 // Miss James' crewel art // 4 // Framed Floral Crewel via splinkn flickr // 5 // Floral Crewel via the Purl Bee // 6 // Pad Crewel via Modern Kiddo
What kinds of projects are y'all excited to start for your homes?  xoxo Fearsy


  1. So cute! Feeling inspired to re-decorate :)

  2. For my future home, I want one of my living room walls to be covered in Black and White photography that I took. I think it would look awesome and it would be even more awesome knowing that they were all mine!