Cinsperation: What's Your Number?

I'm a big fan of cinematic adventures as a whole, and recently watched the movie What's Your Number, a cute little chick flick with the hilarious Anna Faris and the often naked-ish Chris Evans (yeah. worth the rental fee alone.)  On top of being so excited to see my little neighborhood in a movie (it is literally filmed in front of my apartment for a large part of the movie,) but I became OBSESSED with Ana Farris' adorable apartment.  I love the whitewashed brick walls, ironwork, teal stove, vintage biology posters and the amazing couch.... it's incredible!  The set designer did a beautiful job of mixing patterns, vintage pieces, and newer elements to create a really lovely space. 

 Immediately after watching the movie I had to scour the Internet for images of the amazing apartment space and stalk that green couch. Ohhh that green couch.  I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with y'all as well as look for similar pieces for my own home (and yours too!)  
Set Images via: Set Decorators 

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  1. I didn't realize how adorable her apartment was while watching the movie!