What's Making Me Happy

 It's that time of week again guys and gals, a little bit of what's making me happy.  Currently, the two things making me the most happy right now are having my little Monster back home after his man's weekend at Derek's house, and the 12 inch, 3 speed, oscillating fan that I am going to be parked in front of for the next few days.  Boston heat waves SUCK big time, especially when you live in a 4th floor walk up with no A/C.  Yeah.... With that in mind, enjoy a few other of the things making me happy this week, hoping that you're all staying cool!  Happy beginning of Summer everyone!

*Yup, this is what I'm talking about...

* Oh my god I die.  Buzzfeed. You kill me.

*I'm in love with Elsie's Sharpie mug DIY, the little sayings are so sweet and look so easy to do!  I plan on making a few of these immediately.  

*UK artist Rob Mullholland has created some really beautiful Predator-esque art installations in the forests of Scotland using acrylic glass.  Aren't the beautiful? (and a little creepy?)  Love them.

* Hillary Buckholtz's nostalgia blog for the 80's and 90's is AMAZING.  (And is it true that they're bringing back Daria???? I die.) BTW, I totally had this shirt...

*Okay, Field Candy has the coolest tents EVER.  I really love this one...

* Lovely.

* This is beautiful

T-RECS - Night Skies from T-Recs (Timelapse Recordings) on Vimeo.

*Okay, you know me and my propensity for tears, but really this is one of the greatest articles Buzzfeed has every put together.  (And yes, I cried like a child.) 

* Thirteen year old me is dying inside a little right now...98 Degrees is reuniting.  Oh Drew Lachey...how did I love you.

*As someone who has said on numerous occasions that I should have been born in the 60's, this article from Vanity Fair about the Summer of Love is a great read. 

*I couldn't agree more with this response to the recent controversial Atlantic Cover Story re: Women Having it All. 

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