What's Making Me Happy

Well it's going to be a short little post for y'all today beings as I spent most of the day yesterday in the airport, (4 AM to 9 PM...ugh.)  These are just a few of the things making me happy this week (besides being home, yay!)  Hope y'all enjoy!

*Illustrator Fabian Ciraolo's remixed cultural icons are pretty awesome.

*Model Melissa Stetten's twitter account of a scuzzy B-list actor hitting on her on a flight (and getting caught!) is too funny!  You can read the entire conversation here.

*I LOVE Louis C.K. so much, and this is an amazing collection of some of his best quotes.  (Warning Mema, there's some serious cursing here...sorry!)

*So funny...and so true.

*The Social Department has some of the greatest t-shirts!  (I'm loving the foodie shirts, but especially this Midwest one... it's a must have.!)
*Should I check my email?

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  1. The Twitter conversation and the pintervention video had to be my favorite parts of this post. Have a nice time visiting home!