What's Making Me Happy

 Friday friends!  I'm pretty pumped about this weekend and the great amount of nothing I have to do... isn't it wonderful to have a couple of days all to yourself?  I'm planning on enjoying the weather, catching up on some shows I've neglected, and doing a few crafts... I'm pretty excited about it all.  In other fun, here are a few of this weeks favorites, I hope you like 'em!  

*Um, who doesn't want hot boys on your fingernails?? Rad Nails has so many fun decals, but these may be my fav!
*As someone with all too much experience screwing up fashion blogging attempts, I cracked up at the oh so accurate depiction of fashion blog posing from Stu Bradley.  These are just a couple of the funnies, click here to see more!

*Shamikah & Molly over at emotistyle are just the funniest ladies posing as fashion bloggers.

* Of my many 'me date' plans this weekend, I'm thinking I'm going to take myself to Moonrise Kingdom... it looks SO good!  I'm basically a Wes Anderson fan girl, and I can't believe I haven't found this site before now!  So many fun graphics.

*Collegehumor put together 12 house sigils ala Game of Thrones.  This is my favorite, but there are so many good ones!

*This is such a cute cover of one of my favorite Robyn songs.

* Babble has a great article with 20 Sharpie DIY's.  I can't wait to try the sunglasses and maybe a couple of leopart print throw pillows?

* I want this beach towel!
*I am in love with Jane Schouten's home, the flea market finds, the colors, I want to live there!
*McSweeny's does it again... 'The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do'  Too funny.

* This advice for interviewing is spot on.  

* This is probably one of the best commencement speeches I've ever read.  

* Need a moment of zen?  Click here.

*This is pretty good too "Single Girl Revolution'. 


  1. I loved the Sharpie DIY's :]
    Have a wonderful weekend, Fearsy!

  2. Haha! The orange towel is really cool! ;)

    Hope you're having a great week!