What's Making Me Happy

Happy Friday y'all!  I won't even lie, even though this was a short week with the holiday, I was DYIN' for Friday to get here!  I'm pretty excited, I've got a special visitor this weekend and I'm planning on a fun-filled weekend for sure.  Woo hoo!  While we're waiting on the fun to begin, check out a few of the things making me happy this week...

*You know you're a Game of Thrones Fan If.... (from Pleated Jeans)

*I'm in love with these state necklaces from Kris Nations... (She has all 50, look for yours here!)

*I love the idea behind the Pen & Ink tumblr, where artists illustrate various tattoos and the stories behind them.  I love this one, partially b/c I love dinosaur tattoos & I can totally relate to tiny t-rex arms...

*I want to live in Orla Kiely's garden shed/artist retreat.  It's magical!

*This 'land art' by Sylvian Meyer is beautiful 

*I just recently heard of Noah and let me tell you, this guy rocks my socks off.  This cover of "Sexy and I Know It" is killer.

* I can't get enough of the Plenty of Colour blog which focuses on...you guessed it, beautiful colorful things on the Internet.  They led me to these amazing photos from the Artisan Make Up Paris campaign... (I want to do a paint powder shoot so badly!)

*The Animated Albums tumblr is full of...again you guessed it... animated album covers.  So cool.

*Andrew doesn't know it yet, but next time I'm in New York visiting him we're going to have to pay an extended visit to the Purl craft store in Soho. (What a PERFECT name!)  These women live my dream.... (and they have a totally awesome blog...)

*I'm also loving this blog... the art project look fun!

* Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with bracelet DIYs lately?  This one from Stripes and Sequins is going to be my next attempt!

*So I don't think that the entire world is in the exact state as Marla does, but this is pretty hilarious...and wait, there's more...

*Who knew that Disney, famous for not allowing park works to have any visible tattoos or piercings, (basically guaranteeing that I cannot work at the happiest place on earth,)  has a goth day

*Lastly, y'all know that I am a bit wedding obsessed, (I've been planning my own since I was four...) and let me tell you, James and Aubry's wedding is basically my dream wedding.  They have the most beautiful little family, (of which I would gladly steal and make my own they're so darn cute,) and James has one of my favorite blogs EVER.  I want to be their best friend/quirky nanny.  James. Call me. Anyhoo, enjoy this beautiful video from their wedding, you'll love it I promise.


  1. FEARSY! The art project blog link didn't work.
    anddd I really want one of those state necklaces, but I've bought so much recently! I really need to stop.

  2. awesome post!! LOVE the artist retreat!


  3. I just became a new follower of your blog and I am loving your blog design! So much fun : ) Can't wait to follow along and read more.

  4. This post is filled with so many wonderful things!
    I loved that cover song! And Orla Kiely is always amazing. Can't wait to check out that tumblr:)