Tattoosday: Trees everywhere

From the beginning when I was initially pondering my first tattoo, I've mulled over different variations of greenery and tree-themed tattoos. Whenever I'm scouring the Internet for tattoos, I'll go out on a limb and say that 1 in 10 tattoos I find are some variation of a tree... so I'm apparently not alone in my wishes!  That being said, the dearth of these tattoos in the world right now can make it difficult to have something truly unique for yourself, and why I find myself ALWAYS pinning a tree-themed tattoo that I haven't seen before.  These tattoos are just a few of my recent favorites, not only because they're stunning, but also because they're somewhat out of the box and obviously unique to their owners.  So lovely!  



  1. OMG!! You found a visual of my FAVORITE Jack lyric EVER! I am so in love with it! Thanks Ash!!!

  2. Those are all lovely! And I bet tree-tats would hold well over the years too!

  3. I too am a lover of tree tattoos. I always wanted one... until my future brother-in-law got one. As much as I would love to match, I think I will pass. haha