Tattoosday: Guy Le Tattooer

I promised y'all I'd make up for missing last week, and I definitely think that these wonderful tattoos from Guy Le Tattooer.  I first came upon the Tolouse-based tattoo artist when I heard about his tattoo arm exhibit at the Gimpel & Muller gallery in Paris in which he created and tattooed molds of his own arm as surreal and macabre sculptures.  His tattoos evoke an old-world scientific and almost magical style of black & white inking that have me completely mesmerized.  I couldn't wait to find more examples and share them with you all...

Silicone Arms via We Find Wilderness // Insect Sleeve via Coilhouse // Palmistry Sleeve via Xaxor // Owl Upper Arm via Coilhouse // Wolf and Owl via list by jon // Flower Sleeve via indulgy

Guy le tatooer from valentin petit on Vimeo.


  1. This is amazing! I'd love a sleeve by him!

  2. These are pretty awesome, I love seeing work of artists who have a clear unique style :)



  3. Holy wow! This is amazing, I am officially obsessed.

  4. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh my gosh. Those tattoos are incredible! Thanks so much for sharing this!