Monthly Mixtape: A Guest Post

I've got a little quasi-guest post for y'all today   as I'm traveling home for Fathers Day from my good friends Kaston & Nick of the band My Politic (quasi because they're boys and don't like writing actual blog posts.)  They've been on tour for their third album, American Will, and were gracious enough to let us in on their road trip mixtape... and I won't lie, it's pretty EPIC.  I am definitely going to be listening to it with the top off the jeep while driving down back roads (as all summer road trip mixes should be listened.)  
I know ladies, this is what men from Missouri look like.  Don't all jump on them at once.
Kaston's Road Trip Playlist by Ashley Fears on Grooveshark

 On top of this awesome playlist, I wanted to let you all know where these gentlemen would be playing for the next two weeks in case you're able to drop in on their shows, they love meeting new people!  Also their new album is now available through itunes, or give me a shout and I can send you a hard copy.  (Maybe even a little giveaway in the future if y'all are interested?)   Anyhoo, enjoy this little playlist for the time being, and I'll be sure to keep you up to date on all of the Missouri shenanigans this week :) 

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