Last Weekend...(photo heavy)

Remember when I told you that I had a visitor last weekend?  Andrew came up for a little visit and (unfortunately for him,) it rained pretty much the entire time... boo.  We were still able to enjoy the weekend with a little trip to the New England Aquarium, a night out with a few of my lady friends, and just wandering the city, (and eating cupcakes!)  Just wanted to share a few of the photos with y'all, naturally I took a million pictures of fish and maybe 3 of Andrew and I.... I have to get better at this!  Anyhoo...enjoy!
Happy weekend y'all!  I'm off to meet two of my favorite men in Boston for the PRIDE Parade and festival, it's gonna be so fun!  I promise to take lots of pictures, (maybe even a couple of me this time :) xoxo Fearsy


  1. OOOOH! I loves fishies. and the cupcakes look delicious! I hope you have fun at the PRIDE Parade and Festival :]

  2. I loveeeeee aquariums! And that seahorse is amazing!
    You two look so adorable together
    but not as cute as that cake that I am about to headbutt my screen to eat.
    Oh lawd.

  3. oh my goodness that picture of me, you and Krissy is adorable!!