Floating on the lake and a seafood boil...

 If I had to name one thing that I loved more than anything during the summer, I wouldn't even hesitate to say trips to good old Table Rock Lake with my family.  There's something about stepping onto the dock on a hot summer day, smelling the water and feeling the gentle swaying of the water to immediately put your mind at ease.  Needless to say, one of the first things I wanted to do on my trip home last week was immediately set foot on a boat and get my lake on.  We had the best time bobbing around in the water, playing dice games with our dock neighbors and having a seafood boil feast with all of our lake friends and family.  Here's a few of my favorite lake photos and even a little recipe for those of you looking to have your own seafood smorgasbord.  Enjoy!
  Okay y'all now here's for the really good stuff. (Other than my fam of course...ain't they cute?)  Now this whole seafood boil thing is a little tricky.  You get all sorts of good ingredients.... crab, lobster, clams, mussels, sausage, potatoes, onions, corn, crawdads (I believe that you Northerner call these crayfish....Yankees) crab boil seasoning..... and you boil it.  Thats it. Deliciousness in your belly.  

For all of you who need a little more step-by-step instruction...

1) Get some big ol' stainless steel boiling pots with baskets and fill with water.  Set to boil.  
2) Once the water is boiling, get together all of the peeled onions, potatoes and corn (basically the stuff that needs to cook the longest and toss in with about half a pack of your seafood boil mix.  (We did this all in separate pots because we had food for about 25 people, but you can definitely do everything in one!)   You'll want to cook this all for a bit, or until the potatoes are tender. 
 3) While this is boiling, have a nice cold beer or our favorite...a jello shot.  If you're a dog...take a quick nap.  You earned it.
 4)  Get together the rest of your seafood and toss it all in with the remainder of the seafood boil seasoning.  
5) Spread newspaper out on a table (do this outside, it's messy!)  and after the seafood is cooked (it normally only takes about 10 min or so at a good boil,) drain those baskets and pour contents out on the table.  DIG IN!


  1. Looks like so much fun! xx


  2. Well Capt. Al enjoyed having his oldest offspring on the Whodathunkit for sure! Seafood boil weekend is always awesome and having you and bro along for the ride made it perfect! Tell your peeps there will be another first coming soon for your blog....... Mans Meat Wekend! Oh yea! Everything carniverously wonderful!!!!