Festival Style: Newport Day 1

Hey y'all! So remember when I told you that I was obsessed with summer music festivals?  Well one is nearly upon us and I am ECSTATIC!  Newport Folk Festival is just about a month away and I've been busy listening to my favorite performers & my favorite... planning fun concert outfits!  (I'm such a girl...)  I've always loved looking at what people are wearing to Coachella and Bonnaroo; aside from the amazing music, it's one of the most fun parts! So...I've asked a couple of my lady friends to put together their idea concert outfits for both days of Newport, and they are pretty awesome, I'm not going to lie.  Each of these ladies, (and myself,) make very different daily style choices so I think there's a little bit of something for you all.  Hope you enjoy!  (**Also note, these were on our dream budgets too... hey, girls can dream!)

I met Lauren while at grad school when we bonded about having nearly everything identical in our closets from Forever 21 and Urban.  (To this day we will randomly show up in the same clothing and look like the bopsy twins!)  Lauren's got a BIG personality, BIG hair, and a BIG heart, which is why I love her, and why I know you all will too.  
Describe Lauren's style in 3 Words: Bold, Boho, Eclectic
Jacket // Bustier // Skirt // Sunnies  // Sandals
I've talked about my good friend Emilie and her blog plenty of times before so you know she's awesome, but that was always about her food, and never about how darn cute she is too!  Emilie is one of those girls who would look good in a paper bag and has never met a striped piece of clothing that she doesn't like. 
Describe Emilie's Style in 3 words: Classic, Casual, with a touch of Country
Maxi Dress // Hat // Sandals // Bag // Watch
Aubree literally might be the sweetest person you've ever met.  I mean this.  A native Arizonian, Aubree has taken some time to get used to the bitter Northeastern climate, and can generally be found wearing several (adorable!) layers even on the hottest summer days. (Which as of late, has been 60 degrees...maybe Aubree is on to something...)  
Describe Aubree's Style in 3 words: Girly, Colorful, Quirky
Dress & Hat // Jean Vest // Wedges // Necklace // Bag
So you all know me pretty well by now, and by that I mean you all know I'm awesome.  (And modest. CLEARLY.)  My style is a little all over the place normally, but you can generally bet on the fact that 1) it has a high probability of showing off my tattoos... I'm obsessed. 2) I'll try my darndest to incorporate some form of vintage piece into it, & 3) You can add a cardigan.  Other than Diet Pepsi, cardigans are my life force.  
Describe my Style in 3 words: Vintage-inspired, Bohemian, Playful
T-shirt // Maxi Skirt // Shoes // Head Wrap // Sunnies // Bracelets // Bag
What are some of your favorite Summer Music Festivals & what do you wear to them? 


  1. ahh love you too Ash! Why can't Newport come sooner?!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I feel the same way about cardigans. Not too into Diet Pepsi but cardigans rock my world. I regret each and every time I have to leave one at the store.

    Very jealous of your music festival plans and love the outfits, can't wait to hear all about it!

    "the lemonade stand"

  3. Aubree's outfit was my favorite! I love that dress. It's adorable.

  4. Aw, Ash! This is the best! You are too cute for words. I wish I was going to the Newport with y'all, alas, I'll have to work these outfits at Lolla in August! Yay for summer concerts and yay for this blog!