Cucumber Lemon Sparkler

This week I'm going to be guest blogging over at Miss Emilie's blog while she and the boys are out on tour with a scrumptious new cocktail I like to call a Cucermelon...Waterumber?  (Okay the name needs some work :) Anyhoo, it's the perfect drink for an afternoon picnic on a hot summer day, y'all will love it! 

I had so much fun doing cocktail recipes that I figured I would share one over here as well for you, my lovely readers.  It's a Cucumber (noticing a pattern?) Lemon Sparkler and it's possibly my new summer go-to to drink on the patio! 
Recipe adapted from Design Sponge (It's a good one!) 
Makes 1 8 oz. cocktail
* 1-2 pieces of thinly sliced lemon
* 4-6 pieces of thinly sliced cucumber
* 1 tsp of honey
* 2 oz. vodka
* 4 oz. sparkling water
* 3-4 ice cubes

Add vodka and honey to glass and stir until dissolved. (Ensure that the vodka is room temperature or it will be difficult to dissolve honey... the first time I did it with ice and the honey hardened onto the I ate it like a lollypop. Love honey.  Add lemon, cucumber, and sparkling water** and top with ice. Garnish with lemon or cucumber slice.  Enjoy!  (Embarrassingly easy right?!) 

** I've also soaked the cumbers in the vodka for about an hour to enhance the cucumber flavoring, it's definitely a worthwhile choice!)