Your newest iPhone obsession...pick

 Hi there!  I have a new obsession that I just couldn't wait to share with you all.  Ever since I joined the 'cool kids club' of iPhone-havers, I've been totally obsessed with taking photos and using Instagram almost daily.  (Not gonna lie... I totally wanted the iPhone for this reason :)  And now, Instagram is available for all of my friends with Androids so it's pretty much twice the fun photo viewing.  Well let me tell you, this love of photo apps, (I think I have over 10 on my phone now...) has gone into overload with the discovery of my new favorite app, pick.  

Made by the Japanese company Naver, Pick lets you take a picture, (or upload via your photo library,) add a filter (or seven!) then choose from hundreds of borders, stamps, handwriting, anything!  Basically, it's   Instagram on crack.  (In a good way.)  Seriously Mark Zuckerberg. aka owner of everything in the creepiest way, you should take some serious notes and marry these two beauties. 

What I love:
*You can add wigs, hearts, glasses, words....really the possibilities are endless.
*There are some pretty sweet filters, (my favorites are the two Bokeh-like filters!)
*You can layer filters without saving and re-opening.  I hate that in Instagram.  
*I can draw mustaches on pretty much everyone.  Which I will do.

What I don't love:
*It's kiiinda a copy of Instagram.  Like, the interface is eerily similar. 
*It's not available on Android yet...
* None of you are on it so I can't see your awesomeness!  (My username is the same as Instagram, Afearsy.  Find me!)

I've been experimenting with the app and creating different are just a few.  Enjoy!
 Antique + Stamps+Frame// I'm a total sucker for antique filters on pictures and I just looove the heart and letter stamps.  And of course, Ron Swanson.
 Clear filter+Glasses stamp + Frame// The clear filter seems to be the equivalent of the little sun option in Instagram that cleans up your photo a little. Also as you can already tell, there are SOO many more frame options.  And no, Monty doesn't actually wear glasses.  These are a pretty groovy stamp. 
 Clear filter + brush//  So the brush is a little difficult to use on an iPhone, the screen is just so small, but I found that if you zoom in on an area to write, it makes it a little bit easier.  Plus there are tons of brush options to choose from.  Doesn't Nick look happy with his pretty braids?
 Clear filter + Beauty filter + blush stamp + frame//  I am totally obsessed with the beauty filter.  It doesn't work on all photos, basically it just backlights everything and seems to smooth out your features a bit, but hey it does the trick.  I feel pretty.  Also, I love a little blusher.  And isn't this frame the cutest?
Hearts filter// I love this bokeh effect.  (They also have one that does circles called Party.  It's pretty groovy too.)  Isn't my boo a cutie?  (I know, I just vomited in my mouth using that term.  Sorry.)

***What are some of your favorite iPhone apps?  I'd love to try them out!


  1. Ooooh, I love it. It is freakishly similar to instagram, but i do love that it has the option of writing on the pictures. I love that.
    And I love your Ron figurine. It's brilliant!
    XO Samantha