What's Making Me Happy

Happy Friday y'all!

*This gallery of photos from inside hot air balloons is beautiful.

*Y'all know I love me some Japanese washi tape (and pretty much all things pretty stationary related.)  Cute tape has so much pretty stuff to chose from, I want it all!

*Brainbow might have become one of my all time favorite Etsy shops, I'm totally in love with these earrings and this clock!

*I wish I would have thought of this business card first... hilarious.

* I'm obsessed with Nikki's deer-a-day 365 challenge.  I'm so jealous of her deer collection!
 *I can't wait to make this scallop art from You Are My Fav. Maybe I'll make pillows.

 *Y'all know I love Kate over at Scathingly Brilliant, and I just discovered her adorable artwork as well.  Check out her Flapper Doodle site. 
*I want this pillow from Modcloth so badly!
* And this sweatshirt too!
*If you have ever played Plants vs. Zombies, you're gonna love this candle from Bubbles & Geek.  I want it!

 *Who doesn't love Kristen Wiig?  Her website is epic.  Yup. That's it.  

*This website is just about the little things

*I DO want to be Leslie Knope!  


  1. some of those things look familiar ;) Man, I know you so well! Good post, per usual, Ash!!

  2. That business card made me laugh so much x

  3. BWAH HAHA. That business card is so awesome. If I weren't married and I got one of those, there's a good chance that guy would be getting a call. AND THAT CANDLE! My husband plays Plants vs. Zombies all the time.


  4. You always find the most wonderful stuff to blog about on Fridays!