What's Making Me Happy

Lately it seems like every week has been going by faster and faster, I could hardly believe it was already time for the weekend!  The weather has FINALLY taken a turn for the lovely, so I've been trying to cram in as much time outdoors as possible, walks with Monty, trips to the zoo, and having cold beverages outdoors with friends...if that doesn't make you happy I don't know what will.  Here are just a few more things I'm loving this week...

* This is the greatest thing I've seen all week.  From it I learned: 1) Kids are awesome, British kids are more awesome. 2) I agree curly headed kid, everyone should be more like Elton John. 3) This might be the first dubstep song I've actually half liked. (Probably the British kids.)

*Comics like this one from Taylor...she's so good and only 17!

*Haha this is too funny. (And true...even I was a sorority girl once. gasp.)

* I've told you that I'm smitten with vintage sheets...and I found my new favorite sheet dealer ever!! Rebecca over at A Very Lovely Life has a super cute little vintage etsy, the best being her vintage bedding.  She finds loners, (a problem that is common in vintage linens,) and pairs them with similar colors and styles to make a whole set.  I just got mine in (below) and now I have the cutest bed EVER.  I can't wait to sleep.

* I love gingers.  LOVE them.  Kaitlin Rose, this is for you. (And all of my other wonderful gingers.)

*As a cardinals fan, I LOVE THIS. 
 As someone dating a Yankees fan, I love this almost as much.
 (There are more funny baseball charts...click here.)

* The Ricky Martin of Chihuahuas.

* Genius!
* Most people know that I'm pretty obsessed with retro fashion and pinup girls & the New York Times recently did a really interesting article about it.  Worth a read.

* Hello Giggles' article for people who suck at DIY's is too funny. I love project #2.

*In honor of the queen's jubilee Harrods asked designers to re-imagine Queen Elizabeth's crown.  Pretty groovy.


  1. Sounds like you are having an awesome week! I hope you have an equally awesome weekend.
    Loved Hello Giggles' DIYs. :]

  2. Oh my gosh, the actual video of that chihuahua dancing ALLLWAYS cheers me up. It's the cutest thing ever.


  3. love the baseball charts! hilarious!