What's Making Me Happy

Thanks so much for all of the amazing comments y'all left on yesterday's blog post, I can't tell you how touched I was by all of your kind words.  It was literally one of the things that's been making me happy all day!  Here's a few more little gems for your Friday enjoyment...

*Grizzlies.  Such kidders.

* Yes.
 *I love the idea of using old book covers as canvases.  These from artist Rose Sanderson are SO lovely.
 *I love this quote from Maurice Sendak... he was such a funny & talented man.
* This video from the Harvard baseball team just cracked me, (and everyone else in my office,) up today. 

*Immediately I loved this art installation by Farhad Moshiri, but I love it even more when you take a closer look...

*Tee hee... I can't stop watching this

* I don't know about y'all but I was so proud of President Obama standing up for marriage equality this week.  This tumblr "When Obama Endorsed" is hilarious.  Love it.

* This twitter page from a Preschool teacher is epic.  Kids are too funny.

* Whiskey Ginger might be one of my new favorite Etsy vintage shops...

*Fellow science nerds rejoice, you know I can't not put something awesome about science on my WMMH post!  This scale of the universe site is AWESOME.  My mind loves to be blown. 

* Okay, so this too.


  1. It's Friday already? This week has gone by so fast!
    Favorite Part: Knife Art. Pure Aweseomeness!

  2. I would love a nice, cold drink of science!