What's Making Me Happy

Another week of rain...blah.  It's been such yucky weather around Boston for the past few days, I definitely needed these things to make me happy!  Enjoy!

* I've talked about my love of First Aid Kit before, and I'm completely smitten with these portraits from Maike Plenzke.

* I'm pretty pumped for the Summer Olympics to start again, and I can't stop laughing at these images of divers mid-dive from last year's Olympics.  SO funny!
* This is so true...

* I want to sleep here.... 

* I think that this quote is so lovely.

* I will totally admit I'm a huge science nerd.... and this is my leader.  Neil Degrasse Tyson is the COOLEST.

*  I think this illustration from Stasia Burrington is the pretties thing ever.  I want it now!

* This is true of pretty much every meal that Emilie and I eat together anymore...

* If you, like me, love you some Bon Iver, I think you're really going to love this tumblr account, Bon Iver Erotica.

*You're gonna love this game.  That's literally all I'm saying.  (And you're never going to get that song out of your head...)

*Speaking of games you're gonna love, did you know that you can play the old-school version of the Oregon Trail online?!  

*This twitter account, "Text-Only Instagram" is sure to give you a few laughs.


  1. Hold up! You are telling me I can relive my childhood by playing Oregon Trail online?! I may be more excited about this than I should be... lol

  2. Kait, I know!! I just finished playing it, dysentery and all!